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    Family Apostolate Training and Research Institute (FATRI) is a center for scientific study, research, and training that gives creative response to the families considering the signs of the time, imbibing the charism of Blessed Mariam Thresia, the foundress of the Congregation of the Holy Family. FATRI is one of the dreams of the General Synaxis of the Congregation in the year 1985 in order to achieve the well-being of the families through family apostolate. FATRI started to function as a training and research center with the family Apostolate Course in the year 1987.

    FATRI is the beacon light to the individuals who wish to work in the field of family apostolate and counseling. FATRI helps individuals to reestablish healthy relationships with others and in his/her own families and society. FATRI provides family focused therapeutic services for children, adolescents, youth middle aged and elderly to enhance their interpersonal relationships and to become fully functional. It offers diploma courses, short courses, other training programs, and workshops integrating psycho-spiritual approaches.  Read More...

    Family Apostolate

    Family apostolate activates aims to bring the whole universe into reconciliation and salvation through the …  Read More...

    Home Mission

    We arrange home mission of fifteen days to one-month duration in different Dioceses, Parishes...  Read More...

    Family Renewal Center

    Couples are enabled to equip themselves for the vital task of bringing up children in Christ centered values…  Read More...

    Our Vision & Mission

    Vision : Wholeness and Holiness of Families.
    Mission: FATRI is committed to transform individuals, groups and families through scientific and integral approaches and train personnel to be efficient and effective in the ministry of families and promote research.


  • To create happy families
  • To promote personality development
  • To help individuals to face the realities of life
  • To give effective expertise, in the field of Family Apostolate and Counselling

  • Outreach Program

    1. Family apostolate and home mission preparations 2. Screening for the religious candidates 3. Programs for …  Read More...


    FATRI has a special wing for counselling with all the facilities.. People from far and wide visit the center to free…  Read More...

    Extracurricular Activities

    Along with these courses FATRI conducts extracurricular activities like celebrations, Sports meet, Literary…  Read More...

    Research students and professionals can publish their thesis and dissertations in the FATRI Journal. Here you can upload your thesis/dissertation in the pdf format. From the files area of your project, click the "Upload files" button…