Family Apostolate Training and Research Institute

Family Apostolate Training and Research Institute (FATRI) is a center for scientific study, research, and training that gives creative response to the families considering the signs of the time, imbibing the charism of Saint Mariam Thresia, the foundress of the Congregation of the Holy Family. FATRI is one of the dreams of the General Synaxis of the Congregation in the year 1985 in order to achieve the well-being of the families through family apostolate. FATRI started to function as a training and research center with the family Apostolate Course in the year 1987.

FATRI is the beacon light to the individuals who wish to work in the field of family apostolate and counseling. FATRI helps individuals to reestablish healthy relationships with others and in his/her own families and society. FATRI provides family focused therapeutic services for children, adolescents, youth middle aged and elderly to enhance their interpersonal relationships and to become fully functional. It offers diploma courses, short courses, other training programs, and workshops integrating psycho-spiritual approaches.

Now FATRI functions as the Three Tier System of Congregation of Holy Family for enhancing Family Apostolate and promoting personality development.

  1. Family Apostolate Training & Research Institute (FATRI)
    Organizes &  coordinates the Programme at General Leveland give the guidance to IFDFs
  2. Integrated Family Development Forum (IFDF)
    Organizes and Co- ordinates the programmes at province level
  3. Direct Family Apostolate
    Organizes and Co-ordinates the programme at local level

FATRI Aims at:

  • The integral growth of the persons and sanctification of the families.
  • Co-ordinate, evaluate and give guidance to the IFDF and make them dynamic and updated.
  • Conduct different courses from diploma to PhD with the approval of different universities to help the family ministry.
  • Do scientific research to find solution to the increasing contemporary problems and challenges.
  • Help the families through family counseling and individual counseling.
  • Conduct family oriented activities
  • Give leadership and guidance to enrich family life through communication and mass media.


  • To create happy families
  • To promote personality development
  • To help individuals to face the realities of life
  • To give effective expertise, in the field of  Family Apostolate and Counselling

FATRI Center for Personal Enrichment
This center is open to individuals, couples, families, and any other groups.

FATRI Functions as:

  • Family Apostolate Training Institute
  • A Research Center in the field of Family Apostolate
  • A Family Counselling Center
  • A Counselling and psychotherapy Training Institute