IFDF- Arunoday Province, Bhagalpur

The family is a divine institution which has existed from the beginning.Strengthening the Family—the Basic Unit of the Church has become one of the indispensible missions of the Church and CHF being instituted by Blessed Mother Mariam Thresia, the Prophetess of the Families and Venerable Fr. Joseph Vithayathil with the vision and mission of uplifting the Families has a great role in it.  Realising this great responsibility CHF Arunoday Province took up the challenge by extending IFDF (Integrated Family Development Forum) activities in North India. This noble venture was begun at first in the first floor of Holy Family Convent, Mahavir with Sr. Oliver as in charge in the year 1999 and then shifted to Mother Mariam Thresia Convent, under the able guidance of Sr. Sujatha, the first Director on 2nd September 2003. Later, in the year 2006,it was moved to the new building situated in the premises of the Provincial House at Tilkamanjhi. In the new place Sr. Joicy Thekkekara was appointed as the director and Sr. Archana as the coordinator of IFDF. The Basic Counseling Course was begunhere in the year 2007with twenty three participants in the first batch. Also two months Residential Family Apostolate Course wasconducted in IFDF Tilkamanjhi.

At present the programmes are organized by Srs. Archana, Blessy and Silvia under the able guidance of Sr. Grace Veliath, the Director and the Family Apostolate Councilor and Sr. Blessy, the Coordinator.

The Programmes conducted by IFDF Arunoday are:

  • Home Missions and retreats in various parishes of different diocese.
  • Seminars for MahilaSangh, Youth and Children
  • Counseling:     1. Group Counseling

2. Family Counseling

3. Sibling Counseling

  • Prison Ministry: 1. Counseling for women

2. Rehabilitation of girl children above 6 years

3. Weekly Prayer gathering and Holy Mass

  • ‘KarunaKaSagar’: A prayer gathering which consists of two hours programme: adoration, talk and prayer with the parishioners and neighboring families disregard of caste and religion.
  • Women empowerment programmes in different places and parishes.
  • Lay Association Meet & Activities.
  • Small Christian Community Meetings and Prayer gatherings.


 IFDF Arunoday
Holy Family Convent
Tilkamanjhi, Bhagalpur- 812001 Bihar, India
Contact No: 09471615427