Jeevajyothi IFDF- Jeevodaya Province, Puthuvasserry


Family Renewal and Personal development.

Programs conducted under IFDF.

  1. Family visit, Home mission
  2. Counselling and  Short- stay 
  3. Counselling in difficult areas: hospital, school, family court
  4. Awareness classes for – school PTA, teachers, couples, college, youth, children, widows

Programs for different groups:

  1. Disa Darsan – for high school students
  2. Udaya Darsan – U.P school students
  3. Prabha Darsan – L.P school students
  4. creating happy families: Course to Youth
  5. Couple’s meet – in different age Groups
  6. Psycho spiritual study program me for children & youth
  7. Lay Association gathering
  8. Family Apostolate enrichment program for sisters
  9. Basic counselling course
  10. ‘Santhwanam’ – for aids patients
  11. Intercession prayer group
  12. Hospital visiting
  13. MARUPPACHA - awareness programme for merchants.
  14.  Different types of family Apostolate activities according to the signs and needs of the time.

Address: Jeevajyothi IFDF